Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week Weirdness

With only one week to go before Me Week, life is throwing all kinds of interesting things my way.

In the last few days I:
  • May have laid the groundwork to get the manager of a branch of Bank A fired.
  • Pointed out to the folks at Bank B a small $99,900 error in the fees and minimums listed on their web site (me not being a mathy person in the slightest makes this more embarrassing for them then an achievement for me) (And this is related to the first item only inasmuch as the incident at Bank A inspired me to get off my duff and hunt for a new bank.)
  • Had to rein in my eldest sibling who, out of misunderstanding and fear, has been spreading a false rumor about one of our parent’s having cancer. He does not, so far as we know, have cancer, nor are any of his numerous doctors investigating this possibility.
  • Purchased The Land of Painted Caves from one of the few remaining local bookstores. Still re-reading Book 1, have placed a hold on Book 2 but it’s not due back until mid-April, and will need to reserve and read several books beyond those before I get to the one I still (apparently) own and finally the one I just bought. Pretty sure this will be the summer of Earth’s Children.
  • And finally received a long-coveted copy of the jazz CD Empire by Scott Colley that Borders had on back-order for an entire month, but Amazon ultimately was able to fulfill and deliver on the second business day after I ordered it. The album is named for a long-gone town from Kansas’ earliest settlement history. The album is just as wonderful as I remembered it (perhaps more?), and may be worn out by the time Me Week concludes. Given all the above points, that would be completely understandable.
Not saying it’s been a terrific week so far, but it could be far worse!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Have Been Asked...

if the rest of the crew is getting along with the new kitten.

Clockwise starting at the top: Aspera, Nacho and PiƱa

Touch and go... touch and go.

(And yes, those are my new wool socks, thankyouverymuch!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lessons of the Day

Given my general lack of interest in (dare I say “borderline intolerance of”) children*, I should strive to never schedule extended dealership appointments over spring break. This morning I spent around 2 1/2 hours camped out at the dealership. About half an hour in, the kids started to arrive, and by the time my freedom papers were issued, the waiting room was fully stocked with about over a dozen. Yes, they were moderately well-behaved (though gargling with samples from the water cooler fell outside of that), just being around that many children tends to give me the hives.

After finishing The Monster of Florence, I can say with utmost confidence that a) I will never look at the Amanda Knox case the same way again, b) I am stunned by the incompetence of the Italian law enforcement and judicial system, and c) I never, never, never will buy property in Italy, nor do I want to spend extended vacations there either.

With Monster of Florence behind me, I decided I should re-read the entire Earth’s Children series in preparation for the latest installment which is due out next Tuesday. I have read and own the entire series, and yet I thorough scouring of my bookshelves has resulted in only one of the previous 5 books. That likely means that either a box was lost in the move, or mislabeled. In fact, those aren’t the only books that I’ve discovered were missing in the last two months... I suspect that I won’t feel entirely “moved in” until “move out” day, aka “the day I get shipped off to the old fart’s home against my will”. On the bright side, the public library has most in not all in their collection, so I’m not forced to buy again what I know I already have... somewhere...

* I adore my friends who happen to also be parents and grandparents. But children are energy drains for me, so my preference is to keep contact to a minimum. OTOH, if “W” doesn’t give me a chance to see her first grandbaby when he comes to town, I’ll be a cranky gal indeed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Only Good Thing...

about our piece of BLEEP guest bath, “improved” by some past low-life owner or renter—or fly-by-night contractor hired by the above mentioned—who installed the shower controls backward (hot is cold and vice versa) which cannot be fixed without removing the entire wall, made the tub drain stopper a merely decorative object (note use of washcloth to achieve stopper-like function), installed Home Depot value line ceramic tile “grouted” with sheetrock spackle, and didn’t seat the toilet properly on the tile floor which caused it to leak through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom in August ’09 just prior to the dark winter of ’09-’10 when Caper broke his leg and the water heater sprang a leak which cost us an additional significant chunk of money we hadn’t budgeted for*...

is the amazing glass doors that make the 5-10 minute wait of a cat lathered up with medicated shampoo to treat the blackheads on her backside, a noisy but relatively dry and stress free time for me (not for her, I’m sure.)

*We were subsequently able to successfully fix said toilet, water heater, and leg. Remaining bathroom bits will wait until money falls from the sky.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished Object: Peat Harrow Socks

Socks for me, and I had hoped they would have been done before the end of winter. But with overnight temps at or above freezing, and daytime temps in the 50s and above, I think I missed the mark. On the other hand, I did sew the ends in about eight hours before the springtime move of setting the clocks forward one hour. Does that count? And on the plus-plus side, I finished them well under a year after I started them. For me (especially lately) that’s pretty amazing speed.

Fortissima Colori Socka Color, in the garter rib by Charlene Schurch.

And no, I am not a super-matchy socks person, so the randomized color changes don’t stress me out in the slightest.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Slices of Life

Monday I spent over three hours on the ultimate goal of getting cats A and B vaccinated, and ended with accomplishing something else entirely:
  • being urinated on by cat A as I was inserting her into the carrier (a first);
  • having cat B diagnosed with a bladder infection that I suspected her of having up until the cat A urine incident at which point I had both undergo urinary tests which ultimately meant that I left the vet's office with two un-vaccinated cats (due probably due as much to the stress on them as the stress to the vet), antibiotics for cat B, and a prescription for a veterinary formula of bladder-friendly food for cat B that (hopefully) won’t kill cat A as another vet-ish brand has nearly done several times in the past;
  • and ultimately buying none of the required food for cat B because the vet desk at PetsMart—where I was told to buy said prescription food—because they were (in)conveniently closed on Monday (and Sunday too), which was frustrating on many levels not the least of which is that it’s over sixty miles round-trip from my home and I didn’t want to have to make a second trip to town in two days.

Today on the other hand, I found I was able to buy the coveted food about a mile and a half from my home, and am watching a past episode of Undercover Boss for (extremely) valid business reasons that (conveniently) give me time to knit the gusset on my second Peat Harrow Sock.

It may be pouring rain outside, but comparatively I’m definitely living life on the sunny side today!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Verdict

Call #1 this morning. letting Unc know that his birthday present would be delivered today.

Unc: Oh, honey. You didn’t have to get me anything! I’ve had plenty of birthdays in my life.

Me: Maybe you could have mentioned that before I bought the yarn and spent the last 6-8 months knitting your socks!

This afternoon Unc called to let me know they arrived.

A) They fit perfectly (gunboat feet that man has).

B) They’re soft.

C) They’re comfortable.

D) They’re an attractive color and he likes the knit stitch.

E) He wants to know where I found the wrapping paper, and can I buy more to send him?

No problem. The store is holding their last three sheets back for me.