Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finished Object, Finished Object(let), and a Wee Bit of Dust Blowing

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I may not have been blogging, but I was definitely knitting. To wit:

Socks for Sis III

This will be the last pair I knit for anyone other than me.

Back completed of Fjalar mostly as directed in the pattern, though I lengthened the torso a bit. Must remember to lengthen the front in the same manner!

And is this Knit Air? Yessiree Bob ubetcha! I seriously haven’t touched this in years, and probably haven’t since early 2008 (also known as “the year of the move.”). But I was emboldened by the ultimately successful completion of Can-can, and have a strong desire to reduce the number of projects in hiatus (specifically difficult projects) at any given moment, which will ultimately help declutter the craft room, so out of hibernation it came.

It is still a tricky knit for me because the core of the thread is thin and the mohair tends to cling around the needle like a faux stitch. The reflection of strong artificial light on the hairs—even my coveted Ott Lite—can also make the knitting difficult to read. This knitting is best done in daylight hours. And if I make a mistake, then I absolutely must solve it by tinking stitch by stitch or the mohair will knot up irrecoverably. Counting stitches often is mandatory.

But I’m in no hurry. Frankly, I don’t think I’m a lace shawl kind of gal, and don’t think anyone in my family who deserves a fine lace knit shawl would live long enough to see it completed. Hmmm... But without a doubt it will be beautiful when it is done.

Lastly, I have officially cast on for Sailing the Hudson Bay. I’ll share some details when I have a few more rows under my belt. I will say that it is a pleasure to knit.

An update for my locals: The conversation I mentioned at the last knit group happened. It fared pretty much as I expected but not as I’d hoped. It is what it is.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Need of a Good Laugh?

Aren’t we all! Here’s a list of the top ten winners of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Some are great, many are groaners, and there’s one (#10) that I find completely distasteful. But I hope that there is a pun in that one that I don’t understand because of a difference in our use of the English language.

(Btw, B&Q is a home improvement store similar to Lowe’s or Home Depot.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finished Object: a Modified Sulu not from Star Trek

What do you do when a loved one goes to Fiji and all they bring you is a branded sulu from the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa? Go crazy in the sewing room, of course!

A sulu is the national dress of modern Fijian men and women. It’s a rectangular piece of broadcloth that is wrapped around the waist to form a sort of skirt. This particular sulu had, not only the name of the resort, but also bright frangipani blossoms strategically placed on the fabric.

The pattern I chose for the base design is Simplicity 2593, view D, though I tweaked the pattern substantially.

This view has no sleeves, which I wanted because the lightweight fabric is perfect for super-hot days, and sleeveless fits the bill. View D also has a twisted band of fabric attached at the neckline, which give it some visual interest. However, instead of sewn shoulder seams, I wanted straps that buckled at the shoulder, and the fabric band to be attached only at the bust line and back of neck, and loose at all other points.

First up I adjusted the pattern and made a muslin to test my construction theory.

Not bad, though I think the fabric band doesn’t have enough twist, and is too wide at the shoulder.

Then I took my pattern and carefully placed it on the fabric so that the flowers would show, but wouldn’t place a blossom smack dab over a boob.


Or nearly so, as I don’t like the look of the white knit tank I’m wearing underneath it. It reminds me too much of my grandfather’s old undershirts that eventually yellowed to the point they became my grandmother’s dust cloths. And new term for the day, I am told that this type of undergarment is called a “wife beater.” Hmmm...

At any rate, other than looking for a new under garment for this shirt (that would otherwise be a wee bit too “showy” for public outings), I’m pretty darn happy with it. It’s been over a decade since I’ve designed any of my clothes, even to the point of modifying an existing pattern except for fit, so this feels like a victory. And it is, truly, a cool delight on a hot, hot day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yep. That’s probably all you’ll hear for the extended period, save for the occasional cryptic photo.

There is indeed knitting happening (and one FO that’s blocking as I write this) but for those of you in my local group who heard me go on and on and on about my previous week? Guess what? It’s a repeat performance of the week I’d missed while I was out of town.

I’ll be back some day soon with real content (I sincerely hope). In the meantime, my parents need me 1000 times more than you do at the moment.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Not Divided

about the fact that I’m close to reaching the toe decrease point on Socks for Sis III.

And do you think this intrepid hiker heading to Bear Lake on an NPS shuttle bus has a clue that he’s wearing a woman’s sweatband that’s straight out of a 1980s Jane Fonda exercise video? (Note that it’s braided...)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

There are Worse Places...

to give a private knitting lesson. (btw, it was 71° at the time.)