Monday, August 19, 2013

Finished Object

I recently completed two sewing projects that have been in my “to-do” pile since 2011 when my recently widowed MIL opened her husband’s closet for all to take what they wanted.

Grandchildren picked cowboy boots and a hat, various leisure wear shirts, etc. When everyone else had chosen, I stuck my head in and picked two shirts for a hair-brained plan to remake them into aprons.

Two years later, by the time I finally allow myself to bring them to the top of the list, it turns out my thing had become a thing. (If there are a thousand similar ideas depicted on Pinterest, it is a thing.)

Apron #1:
Green and plaid green shirt prior to transformation:

 and post-transformation.

 Pattern is adapted from Simplicity 4282 Vintage Aprons View E. Contrast fabric on upper apron is Fresh Air by Chez Moi for Moda. Collar is permanently attached at front neck, but an elastic extension on back of neck allows for slipping over the head.

Apron #2:
Hawaiian print shirt prior to transformation:

 and post transformation.

Followed patterns and instructions of the Retro Fun: Vintage Style Apron, though I don’t think the pattern was edited well and would probably follow it less rigidly next time. For example, it called for “extra wide bias tape” without specifying the actual width. I went for the widest option, but in retrospect the apron in their photo appears to use 1/2 inch instead of my 7/8 inch. The smaller width would have been easier to work around corners, etc. Contrast fabric is Collage by Carrie Bloomston for Such Designs, Scratch Pattern 36531.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Crafting in Fits and Starts

Trust me, friends. Despite the quietness of this blog, I have been working on multiple projects in multiple disciplines. Some are pretty darn amazing, and I can hardly wait to share those details with you!

But wait you and I must, because:

 a) they aren’t yet completed and while I have high hopes for them, there is every chance that some misstep or disaster will cause the project(s) to do a 180°, and
b) I barely have enough time to work on said crafting projects, let alone take the time to document and blog about them.

I’ve started a blog post about some of my in-process knit pieces. But even that has taken a backseat to the saga of Vogue 8815. Full details will follow (soon, I hope) when that fitted shirt is finally completed. For now I leave you with a small taste.

Do you see what is in this image?

Poor image thought it is, what you are looking at is a fitted muslin bodice, sans peplum.

This bodice is the result of over a week’s worth of daily visits to my LFS for custom fitting and adjustment suggestions. And prior to that, it was the result of several weeks of Craftsy class viewing and image upload followed by feedback from the teacher.

Finally Friday, after visit after visit where we were “really really close” but still tweaking the armcye and sleeve cap (I’m a difficult fit), were were close enough to buy the final fabric and begin cutting.

I left the fabric store happy and relieved, then spent the rest of Friday, all of Saturday, most of Sunday washing the fashion fabric, and inserting two fun non-fit specific sewing projects in to the queue. A little break before putting scissors to fashion fabric was wise, right?

Then Sunday at 4:30 I cleared off my cutting table and began sorting all the shirt elements so I could begin cutting and sewing.With so many pattern adjustments, the original tissue is irrelevant. I just needed to rip out the basted seams on the muslin and use that in place.

Except... the fitted muslin bodice was no longer in my project bag.

I looked everywhere. Michael looked everywhere. We looked everywhere again. I poured a beer and looked again. We both dove through the trash, and scoured the car trunk, and talked through the “where had I last had the muslin” game. That one place was the fabric store, which was by this time closed.

I hoped, and sorta believed, but mostly hoped, that the muslin was there. And if it was there, more than likely the owners who had so patiently aided me, would recognize it and realize its importance and set it aside.

But what if I was wrong? What if it wasn’t there? Would I dare make another in my closest approximation to the true one, and go back to the store with tail between my legs asking for help refitting?

We were outside the door to the LFS at 9:55 waiting for them to open. At 10 a.m. an employee unlocked the door. I rushed in, and glanced to my left near a sewing workspace.

And there it was.

I’m so going to LoJack this dude!