Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finished Object: Hanging Shoes

This is an old, apparently half-finished post that I found in my drafts folder. This project is from 2012.

Inspired by an opportunity to participate in a sanctioned yarn bombing event outside a nearby art museum, and a bag of free (and gloriously hideous) acrylic yarn to select from, I cast on this month for the Hanging Shoe project from Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti.

This turned out to be a very quick knit, though it was slowed undocumented errata in the directions. Really, if anyone *at all* had read through the instructions as written, they would have found and fixed these mistakes before going to press.

For example, the instep directions leave off with "ending with a RS row," and next line begins "Row 1 [RS]: K2tog, k to end, 20 st." What happened to the WS row? Also, I chose to do the optional letter chart on the sole, but the soles are worked in garter stitch and I think the initial would have come out better if the chart portion were worked in stockinette.

The instructions suggest weighting the shoe with chestnuts and using pine cones as stuffing. Instead, I used snack bags of sand taped to the cardboard insole. For stuffing I used a coffee-stained skein of acrylic (my own) that was otherwise heading to the trash bin - cutting it in half and stuffing each toe. for the ankle, I used a plastic shopping bag and paper. In that way the paper was semi-protected from the rain.

Links to photos taken at the event can be found on the facebook page.

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